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Xiamen Customs opens channel for Spring Festival goods

ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: January 20, 2023

The customs department at Xiamen – the port city in East China's Fujian province – has launched a fast-track channel for Spring Festival goods.

Thanks to the Xiamen Customs' special channel for nianhuo, or Spring Festival goods, a shipment of 4.5 metric tons of fresh lobsters and crabs was soon available at the market in Xiamen after being checked at the city's Gaoqi International Airport.

"Many restaurants booked imported seafood at the end of the year and any delay is the worst danger for fresh seafood," said Huang Zhineng, a customs broker from a local company.

"Thanks to the efficient services of the customs, many shipments were not delayed at all," Huang added.

As people's lives keep improving, imported goods, especially fresh and live products, have become the top choice for nianhuo shoppers.

As an important import port for fresh seafood products along China's southeast coast, Xiamen airport serves as a logistics and trade center for lobsters, crabs and other fresh aquatic products from all over the world.

To ensure zero-delays and the safety of fresh and live seafood, Xiamen Customs has adopted the immediate release of goods on arrival and strengthened its supervision through strict inspections and quarantine procedures.

Statistics from Xiamen Customs showed that during the Jan 1-15 period, it completed inspections and quarantine of 5,748 tons of imported fruit alone.


Xiamen Customs officials diligently check goods. [Photo/WeChat ID: gh_6233022b6145]