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Xiamen Area of China (Fujian) Pilot Free Trade Zone agencies

ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: March 16, 2023

Currently, there are 12 subsidiary bodies, which are as follows:

1. General office

Main responsibilities: Undertake secretarial duties, confidential filings and logistics support; coordinate regional social management and public services.

Contact tel: Cai Ying, 0592-2621529

2. Department of Party and mass relations

Main responsibilities: Manage recruitment of top personnel, draft and implement hiring and human resources policies for talent; provide services for employment of people from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan, as well as those from overseas.

Contact tel: Chen Jiayuan, 0592-2616912

3. Bureau of policy and regulations (Intellectual Property administration)

Main responsibilities: Research and draft guidelines and regulations concerning the FTZ; carry out regional supervision of administrative law enforcement and publicity of the rules; draft work plans and policies concerning intellectual property.

Contact tel: Wang Qing, 0592-2621681

4. Bureau of economic development (Bureau of digital promotion)

Main responsibilities: Take the lead in reform of regional investment and trade; assist in international commerce and business projects and in attracting investment; conduct construction and management of intelligent parks; push ahead with a security system for big data.

Contact tel: Chen Siqin, 0592-2621557

5. Bureau of financial services

Main responsibilities: Organize and coordinate management and service in the field of finance; prepare regional annual revenue and expenditure plans; carry out the management and auditing process of administrative units and State-owned assets.

Contact tel: Lin Yanling, 0592-2622521

6. Bureau of planning and construction

Main responsibilities: Handle matters related to regional resources, the ecosystem and environment and municipal gardens; be responsible for construction of ports, optimize business conditions and implement pilot innovation projects in shipping logistics.

Contact tel: He Yuexi, 0592-2621526

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