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Xiamen city pins high hopes on central legal district

ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: March 22, 2023

Since its establishment on Nov 5, 2021, the Maritime Silk Road Central Legal District in Xiamen, East China's Fujian province, has undertaken its mission of building itself into a highland for world-class legal services and an innovation platform for law-based governance.

Not long ago, a local food processing enterprise successfully avoided a major crisis thanks to the risk alert function of an intelligent legal affairs management system developed by Seabees Can Do, a legal technology company in the legal district.

Seabees' customers cover 27 industries, and its operation centers have been established throughout the country, but Xiamen remains their headquarters.

"The Central Legal District has continuously improved the legal science and technology industry chain, and we can expect a broader market," said Zhang Yu, co-founder of Seabees.

Xiamen has rolled out detailed measures to promote the development of the central legal district. In addition to financial support, it also invited experts and consultants, expanded think tanks, gathered local foreign-related legal talents, and launched a platform for international exchange.

A legal sci-tech industry chain that focuses on data security, social governance, as well as online trials, online dispute resolution, and online legal services has been set up in the district.

The city also encourages the brick and mortar legal service centers to expand their business on the district’s cloud platform. A group of 87 legal service institutions have been selected to help local enterprises "go global" and give both market players and the public a greater sense of gain.

Xiamen also continues to focus on improving both online and offline public legal services to benefit those in the market and the general public.

The central legal district is speeding up the strategic layout of foreign-related legal work, has strengthened foreign-related judicial trials and arbitration, participated in making international commercial and maritime legal rules, and promoted the construction of a foreign-related legal system, hoping to create a preferred destination for the settlement of international commercial and maritime disputes.

Since the beginning of this year, an international commercial court, an international maritime court, and an international commercial and maritime dispute mediation center have been established; the International Commercial Dispute Prevention and Settlement Organization opened a representative office in Xiamen.


An exhibition hall, opened in 2022, showcases significant achievements covering such fields as intelligent legal services and social governance. [Photo/We Chat ID: gh_6233022b6145]


A staff member at the service center patiently interprets legal policies for a client. [Photo/We Chat ID: gh_6233022b6145]