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Xiamen projects to help Chinese culture go global

ftz.xm.gov.cn| Updated: May 29, 2023

Two cultural projects from Xiamen have been included in this year's Qianfan Chuhai action plan, according to a meeting held in Xiamen, East China's Fujian province on May 23.

One is an international audio reading platform built by Xiamen International Book Co Ltd, which will provide full process support, such as audio copyright cooperation, multilingual translations, and collaboration between Chinese and foreign content producers.

According to Wu Yunxi, deputy general manager of the book company, the platform is the first of its kind in China. It has already exported some audio books abroad and will continue to expand its presence over the next three years.

The other project is the Chinese cultural exhibition tour in Latin America. This event is scheduled to be held in Mexico, Brazil, Chile and more in late November, bringing Chinese books, cartoons, movie and TV shows, online games, and intangible cultural heritage to the foreign public.

The meeting also announced a list of key cultural events to be staged this year, as well as hosted the signing ceremony for projects that were launched last year, aiming to further advance the progress of the action plan.

Sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, the Qianfan Chuhai action plan aims to promote China's distinctive cultural products and services through exhibitions, project matchmaking and negotiations, as well as online platforms and other means.

In 2022, the city's import and export volume for cultural services exceeded 10 billion yuan ($1.42 billion), accounting for 1.3 percent of its GDP. In the first quarter of 2023, it reached 297 million yuan, up 43.67 percent year on year.