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Silk Road Maritime platform propels development

en.ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: September 7, 2023


The roulette is a symbol of the Silk Road Maritime. [Photo/WeChat account: Silk Road Maritime]

As China's first international integrated logistics service brand and platform focusing on maritime transportation under the Belt and Road Initiative, the Silk Road Maritime (SRM) platform aims to pool global innovative and advantageous resources and propel the development of an open economy.

Last August, the Ghana Ports and Harbors Authority became the first African partner of the SRM Alliance, while major foreign ports like Gdansk Port in Poland and Singapore Port have also been members of the alliance for several years now, reflecting the international reach of the SRM.

The SRM Alliance has received positive responses and support from 304 members, including governments, industry associations, higher education institutions and research institutions.

To date, from China's seven major ports, there are 100 named SRM routes, reaching 117 ports in 43 countries and regions worldwide, creating a wide-reaching and interconnected network both domestically and internationally.

Through the SRM platform, Fujian province has attracted more foreign capital for the construction of local ports. At the same time, it is actively encouraging local ports and shipping companies to expand overseas.

At present, port companies from countries like Singapore have put 33 berths in Fujian into operation. The leading SRM port enterprises are also starting to makes plans to invest in the construction of ports, supporting terminals, and other infrastructure facilities in countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

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