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Xiamen FTZ industrial guidance fund ranked among Top 30 in CV Awards

en.ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: December 12, 2023

The industrial guidance fund offered by the Xiamen Free Trade Zone recently made the top 30 rankings for China's best venture capital guidance fund as well as the top 30 rankings for China's government guidance funds.

The industrial guidance fund was established in 2016. To date, 25 sub-funds have been approved. These funds have contributions totaling 1.45 billion yuan ($202 million) that have boosted the sub-fund scale to 40.5 billion yuan. 

The sub-funds have been invested in 318 projects – of which 33 are in Xiamen – that have a total scale of 595 million yuan. Approved sub-funds include the Yinshan Phase II Fund, the Black Ant Phase III Fund, the CPE Xiamen Yuanfeng Fund , and the Jinfeng Borun Fund.

The industrial guidance fund has since its inception been centered on seven functional leading industries and 15 key industrial platforms, including international trade, aviation maintenance, financing leasing, shipping logistics, innovation and entrepreneurship, cultural tourism, and high-end manufacturing.