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Xiamen FTZ's high-quality tax services facilitate foreign investment

ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: January 31, 2024


Tax officials help Russian investors resolve tax issues. [Photo/WeChat account of Xiamen Free Trade Zone]

Two Russian investors recently visited the tax service hall of the Xiamen Free Trade Zone Tax Bureau to inquire about tax policies. Upon learning that foreign investors must undergo more comprehensive consultations, the "1630N" linkage response mechanism was immediately activated.

The "1630N" linkage response mechanism involves seizing the critical first minute, making the most of the golden six minutes, and ensuring effective coordination within 30 minutes.

Under this mechanism, the Xiamen Free Trade Zone Tax Bureau promptly coordinated with the foreign language service team and relevant departments such as the management committee, customs, and banks, to provide consulting and advisory services.

Foreign investment and trade have always been important drivers of Xiamen's economic and social development. In the Xiamen FTZ, tax authorities play a major role in stabilizing foreign investment and trade.

The Xiamen Free Trade Zone Tax Bureau has implemented a series of measures to optimize the business environment. This includes the "beneficial enterprise service" initiative, which caters to foreign trade and foreign enterprises by providing precise and specialized promotional guidance to businesses in relevant industries. 

In addition, a specialized service team has been established, forming a precise service system that covers both online and offline channels with a "one-stop" approach to process and policies. An export tax rebate specialist position has been established as well, further speeding up the average processing and handling time for export tax rebates.