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Multi-party collaboration empowers wine exchange industry

ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: February 5, 2024


An aerial view of the Xiamen International Wine Exchange Platform in the Xiamen FTZ. [Photo/Xiamen Daily]

Xiamen Customs and the Xiamen Free Trade Zone administration committee recently strengthened their collaboration by convening an industry research symposium on imported wines at the Xiamen International Wine Exchange Platform. 

Over 20 leading enterprises in the imported wine trade, logistics services, and related fields participated in the event.

During the meeting, Xiamen Customs presented the quality and safety supervision policies for imported wines as well as the relevant tariff policies. Furthermore, they provided specific guidance and Q&A sessions on the business norms for overseas wine producers' registration, inspection supervision, and key tariff-related processes.

Subsequently, participating enterprises engaged in in-depth discussions and exchanges on economic conditions, industry status, and practical business operations. They particularly emphasized the challenges faced by the imported wine industry that require coordinated solutions with customs, while also putting forward suggestions and feedback. Customs officials responded to each issue on the spot.

In order to assist enterprises in overcoming difficulties, Xiamen Customs, the Xiamen FTZ administration committee, Xiamen International Wine Exchange Platform, and wine enterprises jointly established the "imported wine enterprise assistance" WeChat group. 

Xiamen Customs prepared and distributed a questionnaire to enterprises in order to understand their problems and challenges, and actively communicated feedback to the General Administration of Customs.

Xiamen is one of the top three ports for imported wine in China, which has been the top port for imported beer for nine consecutive years. In 2023, the import value of wine in Xiamen Customs reached $2.18 billion.