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Further enhancements to talent incentive policies in Xiamen FTZ

ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: March 11, 2024

To intensify support for high-level innovative and entrepreneurial talent and optimize the policy environment for talent development and attraction, the Xiamen Free Trade Zone administration committee has recently issued "several measures for incentivizing talent innovation and entrepreneurship in Xiamen FTZ", which started the application process.

This policy helps enterprises attract and cultivate talent by offering rewards and subsidies to eligible enterprises.

It promotes the introduction and cultivation of top-level and high-level talent, urgently needed senior management and technical personnel, professionals with high-level titles and highly-skilled individuals. 

It also encourages and supports innovation and entrepreneurship among high-level talent and returning overseas talent, providing them with financial subsidies and policy incentives.

For example, it promotes the employment of high-level talent from talent introduction programs at the city-level or above in the Xiamen FTZ and increases support for the entrepreneurial efforts of high-level talent from talent introduction programs. 

Xiamen FTZ continues to optimize its environment for innovation and entrepreneurship, supporting the establishment of entrepreneurship incubators, demonstration bases for small and micro enterprises, public platforms for industrial bases, and innovation spaces within the Xiamen FTZ.

An important focus of the policy is to expand cross-Strait talent exchange and cooperation. This includes incentivizing talent from Taiwan with a university education or professional and technical qualifications to start businesses in the FTZ. 

The policies encourage companies and professional service institutions in the youth entrepreneurship base to arrange for Taiwan youth to come to Xiamen for vocational skills training and to obtain professional qualifications for working on the Chinese mainland.