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Taiwan residents in Xiamen first to complete large-sum facial recognition transfers

ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: April 1, 2024


A Taiwan resident working in Xiamen tries out the facial recognition system for large-sum transfers. [Photo/Xiamen Media Group]

China's first-ever facial recognition financial service for Taiwan residents was officially launched at Xiamen Bank in the Xiamen Free Trade Zone on March 29.

The feature embeds facial recognition into online financial services for Taiwan residents on the mainland, improving the quality of such services for Taiwan residents and promoting equal access to financial services on the mainland. 

This will also support Fujian province in creating a demonstration zone for integrated development across the Taiwan Strait and make it easier for overseas visitors to make payments in China.

"Previously, for large transfers through mobile banking, we had to use a token, which was inconvenient and easy to lose," said Mr Weng, the first person to try out the new system and a Taiwan resident who has been working in the Xiamen FTZ for many years. 

"After working on the Chinese mainland for over a decade, I'm finally able to use facial recognition for transfers. The introduction of facial recognition for Taiwan residents' online financial services has improved our financial experience," added Weng.