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Xiamen to hold 2024 East Asian Seas Congress and World Ocean Week in November

ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: June 11, 2024


The previous World Ocean Week is held in Xiamen. [Photo by Lin Yuyang for chinadaily.com.cn]

From Nov 6 to 12 this year, two influential ocean events – the 2024 East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress and the 2024 World Ocean Week, will be held in Xiamen. 

The EAS Congress will take place from Nov 6 to 8, marking the first time the congress has ever been held in Xiamen. The tagline of the EAS Congress is "Blue Synergy for a Shared Future: One Sustainable and Resilient Ocean", while the 2024 World Ocean Week will continue with the theme "New Engine of Blue Development for the Maritime Community with a Shared Future".

The joint hosting of these two events will provide an international platform for the widespread dissemination of the "Xiamen Practice", and will help further promote international exchanges and cooperation in marine ecology, economy, and culture.

On June 7, the first meeting of the organizing committee for the 2024 EAS Congress and the 2024 World Ocean Week was held. 

It was proposed at the meeting that the events should further enhance their international, professional, and leading role, strengthen their leading role in regional cooperation, consolidate consensus among countries, and help promote marine exchange and cooperation.

During the event, in addition to the high-end industry exhibitions and carnival activities of World Ocean Week, numerous international events will also be held, including the 8th Ministerial Forum of the EAS Congress, Partnership Night, and more. 

Guests from home and abroad will share experiences and wisdom, collaborate on cooperative planning, and build blue partnerships, setting the direction for regional cooperation in the marine sector.

Xiamen will also take this opportunity to strive for new achievements in international marine cooperation, comprehensive coastal zone management, marine cultural exchanges, and other areas.