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First 'Xingyue' company law seminar held in Xiamen

ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: June 13, 2024


The first "Xingyue" company law seminar. [Photo/WeChat account of Xiamen FTZ]

The cross-border investment in high-level rule of law construction and the first "Xingyue" company law seminar, organized by relevant cooperative institutions of the Maritime Silk Road Integrated Base for International Legal and Business Services, was recently held in Xiamen, garnering widespread attention in the industry.

Scholars from renowned universities such as Renmin University of China, Xiamen University, and Beijing Normal University, along with experts from prominent organizations and enterprises such as the International Commercial Dispute Prevention and Settlement Organization, CATL and Sunic Capital, engaged in professional discussion on topics such as "New Company Law and the Development of New Quality Productive Forces", "Cross-Strait Integrated Development", and "Cross-Border Bankruptcy and Special Asset Investment".

The successful hosting of the first "Xingyue" company law seminar is an outcome of the collaboration between the Maritime Silk Road Integrated Base and its member units and cooperative institutions. It also represents an effort by the base to leverage expert resources, enterprise resources, and professional service resource databases.

The implementation of this collaborative model further highlights the positive role of the Maritime Silk Road Integrated Base in promoting the integration of legal and commercial services and supporting enterprise development. It also lays a solid foundation for exploring cooperation in more areas in the future.