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Xiamen aviation industrial park officially commences operations

ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: June 17, 2024


An aerial view of the Xiamen aviation industrial park. [Photo/Iport Group]

The Xiamen aviation industrial park, a key provincial and municipal initiative within the Xiamen Free Trade Zone, has now officially commenced operations.

The park covers a total construction area of approximately 220,000 square meters and consists of 14 individual buildings divided into three functional areas: customized and specialized factories, living facilities, and office zones. 

The park aims to create a new eco-friendly aviation industrial zone that integrates functions such as investment attraction, industrial policies, investment and financing services, and information services.

The Xiamen aviation industrial park will not only meet the needs of enterprises in the Xiamen Gaoqi aviation industrial zone for relocation, capital expansion, and the rapid implementation of new investment projects, but will also generate an annual output value of over two billion yuan ($275 million) for Xiamen. 

Additionally, it will directly create approximately 1,000 jobs and indirectly generate around 5,000 employment opportunities.

To date, the Xiamen aviation industrial park has received a total intended demand for approximately 59,000 square meters, accounting for 34 percent of the available rentable and saleable factory space. It has attracted the interest of 14 leading aviation industry enterprises, including Honeywell, demonstrating its success in attracting investment.