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Xiamen Port adds new RCEP route to East Malaysia

ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: June 18, 2024


The inaugural voyage of the new RECP route to East Malaysia departs from Haitian Terminal on June 15. [Photo/Xiamen Daily]

Xiamen Port has launched a new Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) route to East Malaysia, with the SITC RIZHAO becoming the first vessel to operate along the route when it departed from Haitian Terminal on June 15. The route is currently the fastest direct route from Xiamen Port to East Malaysia.

Export goods departing from Xiamen Port can now reach Kota Kinabalu Port in Malaysia in as fast as five days, while the voyage to Bintulu Port takes only eight days.

To improve operational efficiency, the new route has been meticulously designed and scientifically optimized. Currently, the plan involves deploying three container ships to operate on a weekly schedule, with a focus on transporting goods such as fertilizers, daily necessities, and raw materials.

As of now, Haitian Terminal operates a total of 80 international trade routes, reaching 62 ports in 19 countries and regions. The opening of this new route will further enhance Xiamen Port's RCEP route network, elevating its role in the global shipping network.