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Xiamen FTZ exchange salon boosts new development in cross-border e-commerce

ftz.xm.gov.cn|Updated: June 28, 2024


The Xiamen FTZ's booth at the 2024 ICEIE. [Photo/WeChat account of Xiamen FTZ]

The Xiamen Free Trade Zone administrative committee meticulously planned and organized an in-person exchange salon titled "Practicing Cross-Border E-Commerce Compliance to Support Steady and Long-Term Overseas Expansion" at the 2024 China (Xiamen) International Cross-Border E-Commerce Expo (ICEIE) on June 26.

The salon event brought together experts and industry leaders from various fields to discuss the importance of cross-border e-commerce compliance and its profound impact on the long-term and stable development of enterprises. 

It was conducted both in-person and via live stream, attracting nearly 100 in-person attendees and over 1,000 online viewers, who gained valuable insights into cross-border e-commerce.

The salon focused on key topics such as cross-border e-commerce compliance, intellectual property protection, resolution of account freezing disputes, and technology-driven innovations in foreign exchange services, providing the industry with valuable guidance and solutions.